80 thousand visitors and 2500 professionals made this year’s festival of animated
film in Stuttgart one of the largest of its kind in the world. The festival
screened 1000 animations over five days at Stuttgart’s movie theatres AND at
the big open air cinema in the Schlossgarten.
“This is our first time here,it’s really great, there’s so much going on.“
“Excellent, weather’s great, you can do it all on foot, the atmosphere’s great
There’s a lot of watching going on, but there’s also a lot of learning, talking
and playing. Emmy winner and jury member Eric Shaw is a script writer and
amongst other achievements has written several episodes of the internationally
acclaimed series Sponge Bob. The American shares his knowledge in the
script-writing workshop. Like every good story, an animation needs a hero,
and they need to be really well thought out.
Eric Shaw - Scripwriter and Jury Member
„The character has to have a clear heart.You have to know, how the character
thinks. You have to know what the character wants out of life.“
But it’s not ALL about character, there are other important factors.
Eric Shaw - Scripwriter and Jury Member
„It has to have a solid story. I must want the best for the characters. Most of
all I really just want to have to laugh.“
Sometimes you can do that without words.
Prof. Ulrich Wegenast - Artistic Director
"It’s a global visual language, of course there are regional variations, which is
good and important, but ultimately it’s easier to understand globally.“
Animation in Germany is on the move as well, with more and more training
places available. In Baden-Würtemberg, the focus on this branch of the film
industry has intensfied – to the delight of the festival management.
Dittmar Lumpp – Managing Director
“There are many companies that train people here, it was a conscious political
decision to promote the industry. As a result, there are many new animation
studios and they produce a lot of films. Animators from Baden-Würtremberg
won several Oscars in the genre last year, so of course we’re not acting
in isolation at this festival, we’re really linked in to the sector.“
Over the last ten years the number of people coming to see the diverse programme
has doubled. Stuttgart’s Festival of Animated Film was a hit in 2014
too, for the 21st time.