Sports in Germany

Sportförderung Auswärtiges Amt


Sport means more than competition – it also stands for fairness, respect and human encounters. Sport can be a great force for integration, bringing people together across national frontiers.

Fussball 1. Bundesliga, Saison 2011/2012:  Arjen Robben , Franck Ribery (v. li., FC Bayern Muenchen)

Fascinating Bundesliga

Attractive football, a fast game, plenty of variety, full stadiums and a colourful fan culture – that’s what makes the Bundesliga so fascinating. Just a few years ago, it was considered too static, comparatively backward and no match for Europe’s best. Now it has joined the ranks of the world’s strongest leagues.

Learn about Dirk Nowitzki, the best basketball player that Germany has ever had

Dirk Nowitzki is not only the highest paid German sportsman and the best basketball player that Germany has ever had; he has also already become a legend in the course of his sporting career. During h...


Golf in Germany: from elitist sport to popular recreation

Despite its lingering celebrity sport aura, golf is today increasingly popular with all sections of German society. More and more people enjoy a game that tests both concentration and sporting prowess. The eternal quest for the perfect stroke has become an enthralling pastime.


View from the Canoe – Wasserwandern in Germany

"Wasserwandern" is the German term for touring by water, traveling by canoe or a kayak along the designated waterways of multiple connected lakes or rivers. Rest areas, campgrounds and even restaurants are sometimes scattered along the route. 



70 million bicycles are used in Germany. Cycling is the most popular leisure sport. The cycling capital is Münster. One third of all journeys are made by bike.

Dressurreiterin Isabell Werth

Sport without Borders: International Sports Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office

It stands for fairness, tolerance and peaceful competition: International Sports Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office is a global success story and one example of how sport can build bridges across linguistic, political and cultural divides. In the past 50 years the Federal Foreign Office and its partners – including the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), the German Football Association (DFB), the German Athletics Federation (DLV) and the Sport University in Leipzig – have supported more than 1,300 sporting projects in 100 countries as part of its International Sports Promotion.

Fussball-WM 1990

Highlights of German Sports 1990 - 1999

The last decade of the 20th century was full of noteworthy events. Here are some examples. 

Sports in Germany

German Football Fans

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Winter Olympics: Day 15 Live

Internationale Trainerkurse an der Universität Leipzig


Universität Leipzig - Intenationale Trainerkurse

German-English Football Dictionary

EM 2008 - Tor für Deutschland

What is pitch, dribble and draw in German.

From nutmegs to bicycles: A football fan explains the lingo


Players launch it over the bar or thrill spectators with step-overs and nutmegs. Not many people other than football (soccer) fans would know what you were talking about here, but the “Dictionary of Football Language” by Armin Burkhardt could be of help.

Women's football: same on paper, different on the pitch

Charline Hartmann

While female footballers are playing an identical game to their male counterparts on paper, there are differences - some more visible than others - that set the women's game apart from the men's.

The history of women's football

German Female National Football Team

Sixty-one years after fast-footed men got the chance show off their skills to a worldwide audience, women entered the field for their first World CupGames. Now, 20 years later, they will play in their...

How Language and Sport Break Down Barriers

Living language: German is the mother tongue of more than 100 million people.

They are social bridge builders and promote international understanding: language and sport have more in common than one might initially think. How are they similar? Both create identity, have an integrative effect and bring people of different nationalities together.

Table football


10808 points put Germany in second place in the 2015 international table football rankings. ITSF, the game’s international federation, wants to make it an Olympic discipline. The World Championship Series Garlando 2015 will be played from July 10-12th, 2015 in Austria.