Germany continues to support the work of the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies

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Since 2009 Germany supports the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC) at the University of Malta by sponsoring the Chair for Peace Studies and Conflict Prevention. Holder of the Chair is Dr. Monika Wohlfeld, an  expert in conflict and security studies. In the presence of Minister for Foreign Affairs, George Vella,  on June 1, the German Ambassador Gudrun Sräga and the Director of MEDAC, Professor Stephen Calleya, signed an extension to the agreement up to autumn 2019.

Minister Vella extended the appreciation of the Maltese Government for this support which allows young diplomats and students from the Mediterranean region and beyond to receive specialist knowledge on conflict prevention and resolution.

Ambassador Sräga emphasised that Germany’s renewed commitment is also honouring the excellent work and the outstanding  academic services provided by MEDAC since 1990.


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