Language course „Europanetzwerk Deutsch“

Deutsche Sprache Enlarge image (© dpa/ picture alliance)

As part of the Europanetzwerk Deutsch programme (European Network for german language, former "DeutschLand" programme), the Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut are inviting a select group of people to an exclusive language course in Germany.

The programme is aimed not only at higher-ranking staff of EU institutions but also at senior ministry officials from EU member states and other states:

  • who would like to improve their German for the benefit of their career,
  • who already possess a medium (Level B1) or strong command (B2/C1) of the German language,
  • whose field of responsibility is relevant to EU topics,
  • who have work contacts in Germany or in EU institutions.

The Europanetzwerk Deutsch programme offers intensive language courses that are both general and subject-specific, covering relevant political and economic issues. These courses are accompanied by a stimulating supporting programme. During the 7 – 14 day courses in Germany (and partly in Brussels), participants have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of German, develop confident negotiation skills in individual subject areas and become more closely acquainted with Germany. As part of the course you will come into contact with expert conversation partners from areas such as politics, culture and the economy as well as from other ministries.

As well as the courses in Germany the Goethe-Institut also offers special courses for EU staff or civil servants at regional Goethe-Instituts. If you are interested in one of these courses, please get in touch with your nearest Goethe-Institut .

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