Information for people with disabilities in Malta

The Maltese islands are rocky. The main island of Malta is an up to 260 m rising ridge of limestone, whereupon the south and the southwest steeply drop down to the sea. There the coastline of Malta is structureless and inaccessible.

Because of this nature, a holiday for people with mobility difficulties will only be possible under difficult conditions. In addition, disabled infrastructure and facilities are rare. The sidewalks are very high and not all buses are low-floor buses.

However, the Maltese government is aware of this situation and slowly tries to introduce changes and to ensure greater accessibility.

Many hotels are already accessible and invite you to a relaxing holiday.

Further information can be obtained by using the links below.

For questions around the topic "People with disabilities in Malta", please do not hesitate to contact Mr Alfred Gerth, Deputy Head of Mission during opening hours.

Accessible hotels in Malta [pdf, 60.5k]

Care services for disabled/learning impaired children and adults [pdf, 55.22k]

National Commission Persons with Disability and further links

Information for people with disabilities in Malta


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